There are three types of membership: Active, Associate, and. Honorary. Anyone who is of lawful age, legally competent, has no criminal conviction, is not disenfranchised from their civil rights, is not prohibited within the provisions of the Law on Foundations Nr. 2908 can become an active member. Political party members can also become members on the condition that they abide by the non-partisan structure of the association.


Membership applications are decided by decision of the Board together with a written recommendation of a member and a Board member. Rejected applications will not be reconsidered.


Based on the decision of the Board, persons can become associate members. Associate members cannot vote. They are not obliged to pay membership fees but may do so on a voluntary basis. Members of the Diplomatic Corps and their spouses are automatically considered associate members.


Non-members who are particularly distinguished for their general contribution to the association's purposes and activities can be granted honorary membership.


Honorary membership can also be granted to the former presidents of the association who have served at least five years. These memberships are taken with the recommendation of the Board and the decision of the General Council.


Men can also become members, but their numbers cannot exceed 10 percent of female members. Male members cannot take part in the administrative, supervisory and disciplinary bodies and cannot be elected as chairman of the general council


Membership Due


An initial minimum fee of 100 TL for active members is payable upon admission. Annual membership dues for members is 100 TL.



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