About Us

 To safeguard the rights of women granted by Atatürk and its principles.


 To achieve equal opportunity for women in the socio-economic structure of our country.


To provide education and rehabilitation activities for the elderly, sick and needy people.


To follow the latest legal arrangements and developments regarding women and to inform Turkish women about these developments.


To give information about the place and role of Modern Turkish Women.


To incorporate the members of the diplomatic corps as honorary members and maintain a steady communication with them.


To cooperate with international NGOs which have similar aims with our association.


To introduce the historical, touristic and cultural attractions of our country to the world.


To organise educational activities to help prevent substance use and addiction among our youth and meet their needs like scholarships, clothing and accommodation, etc.


To support women in rural areas and in shantytowns to raise their level of education and to offer them craft courses to improve their economic situation through projects in poultry, beekeeping, planting agricultural products, sericulture, horticulture, etc. To organise the projects it is intended top get financial support from national and international agencies.


To educate our women on mother and child health and on family planning, etc.


To provide activities for the disabled youth to equip them with the necessary skills.



TBMM (Turkish Grand National Assembly) OUTSTANDING SERVICE AWARD

Our association was granted to the TBMM (Turkish Grand National Assembly) outstanding service award on 13 July 2009 as our association offered efficient services to public and especially had the crucial role to advertisement of our country.



Our association was granted to ‘’ World Social Society’’ award by Ankara Social Society Platform on 5 December 2012 thanks to our social responsibility studies.



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