ADI.RİZ.ELA. Women Force Unity

In the dates of 2012-2013; Cooperation studies were conducted with Adıyaman (AİKAD), Rize (Fındıklı Benefactors Association) ve Elazığ Woman Associations (ELİKAD). Totally 780 women were trained about “Women’s Right and Preventing Violence Against Women” with training meetings. Project coordinators are Zeynep Tuncay and Azize Daşer and lectures were organized by Lawyer Huriye Karabacak Danacı in each of cities two times.


Conferences, kermises and concerts were organized about ''Strengthening of Women and Women’s Nongovernmental Organizations in developing regions in Turkey (South-eastern Anatolia, Eastern Blacksea and  Eastern Anatolia) within the scope of EU grant project spreaded by Central finance and Procurement authority and the organizations reached to women as the target audience, brochures were distributed.


To conclude; coordination were supplied with three associations that are active in the cities of Adıyaman, Rize and Elazığ and women who live in this regions were strengthened determined as target audience, creating communications networks and dialogue and training about human rights  provided the contribution of  improving nongovernmental organizations.


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